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Minnesota Orchestra’s Osma Vanska

May 3, 2013

I was in Chicago October of 2012 to visit some friends and get some business done. During my visit a friend and I decided to attend the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the Brahms Double Concerto and the First Symphony with Bernard Haitink conducting.

Upon arriving outside symphony hall, we were greeted by some CSO musicians, dressed in black, who were handing out little flyers. These flyers read, “THE CSO MUSICIANS SUPPORT THE MUSICIANS OF THE MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA.” I thought it was a bit unusual, but not unlikely that musicians of the CSO would do this, given that they were going through a rocky patch with their management.

Then, after I entered the theater and opened my program it dawned on me. Bernard Haitink was not conducting that evening, as scheduled. Osma Vanska, rather, was conducted in his place. Vanska, Music Director of the Minnesota Orchestra, was out taking other work (conducting the world’s best orchestras) while his own orchestra sat locked out in Minneapolis.

Sure, this sort of thing happens. And, sure, conductors are often accused of not standing to management up for the players. But, Vanska, actually wrote a letter to management. You can find the letter here.

We shall see what develops by September!

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